Done Right

As an organization we stand behind all our products and services. We take the time to thoroughly outline the project from the onset, addressing all issues and challenges. We then go above and beyond to ensure all our solutions meet the most rigorous operating conditions and environments.

It’s about putting in the preparation and always following through so we get the job done right the first time.


Merlin Noise Control’s industrial-grade metal sound barriers are an economical solution to lowering noise from industrial equipment. Strategically placed, our acoustic barriers can work with other acoustical measures to limit emissions from multiple noise sources.


Our industrial-grade metal noise barriers are custom designed for maximum noise abatement. Composed of sound-absorbing and sound-blocking materials for the best noise attenuation results, our freestanding, braced single walls or two-to-four sided structures provide an economical, noise control solution.


Built-in-place acoustic barriers offer highly flexible designs including hoop-shapes for piping noise treatment or shrouds for lowering noise:

  • Free standing or braced
  • Absorptive or reflective
  • Durable metal surface
  • Access panels or door
  • Factory or field painted

Designed for ease of installation and removal, panelized acoustic barriers can be assembled to any size barrier and are ideally suited for areas requiring equipment access. Pre-fabricated panels are available in a variety of sizes and colors:

  • Panels 5’ to 15’ long
  • Panels 3’ to 4’ high
  • Absorptive or reflective
  • Powder coated or galvanized metal surface