One Team.


A trusted team. It is essential that each of our team members, contractors and preferred partners embody the trust that our valued customers place in us. This means providing an exceptional customer experience by going above and beyond and delivering even more. That is our commitment and the foundation that MERLIN Integrated Solutions has been built upon – and we will never lose sight of.

Leadership Team

Andy Strasser


Being a leader means never standing still. We are always looking at ways of improving performance, driving greater efficiencies and delivering the highest quality standards for our customers.

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Taylor Smyth

Vice-President, Business Development

Success to me is defined as not just meeting customer expectations but surpassing them. That’s always at the forefront of every engagement along with the question, how can I deliver even more?

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Colin Martin

Vice President, Operations

Where we stand apart is preparation. Identifying every challenge or issue that could arise from the start, so our team is properly equipped to deliver solutions instead of problems for our valued clients.

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