Done Right

As an organization we stand behind all our products and services. We take the time to thoroughly outline the project from the onset, addressing all issues and challenges. We then go above and beyond to ensure all our solutions meet the most rigorous operating conditions and environments.

It’s about putting in the preparation and always following through so we get the job done right the first time.


Wall isolation clips are an efficient, effective and reliable means for noise and vibration control, absorbing and breaking up airborne sound at the transfer point. Our proven product selection combined with our experienced installation services continues to outperform standard equipment and methodologies because of the unique natural absorbing characteristics.

  • Offers a robust and higher performing alternative
  • Out-performs standard resilient bar construction by up to 7dB
  • Withstands greater loads than standard systems to provide peace of mind
  • Works as a space saving solution for either existing or new wall constructions with minimal encroachment into living space
  • Engineered thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its sound absorbing characteristics
  • Has consistent and reliable quality – manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control system
  • Offers one of the most cost-effective methods available to achieve superior noise control in walls