• Commercial Noise Control
    Isolated Ceilings
    Isolated Walls
    Isolated Flooring
  • Industrial Noise Control
    Acoustic Buildings
    Acoustic Louvers
    Silencers, Ventilation Systems
  • Oil & Gas Noise Compliance
    Acoustic Enclosures
    Engine Silencers
    Acoustic Insulation
  • Architectural Acoustics
    Floating Floors
    Isolated Ceilings and Walls
    Room Acoustics
  • Commercial Noise Control
    Noise Barriers
    HVAC Silencers
    Wall & Ceiling Absorption
  • Vibration Isolation
    Spring Isolation & Hangers
    Inertia Bases and Roof Curbs
    Flex Connectors
  • Occupational Noise Exposure
    Inplant Curtain Enclosures
    Removable Sound Walls
    Limp Mass Barriers
  • Environmental Noise Control
    Community Noise Control
    Stack Silencers
    Equipment Noise Barriers
  • Engineering & Consulting Services
    Detailed Site Noise Assessments
    Recommendations, estimations
    Construction Management
  • Pipeline Noise Control
    Compressor Stations
    Valve Noise
    Construction Noise
  • Transformer Noise Mitigation
    Noise Barriers
    Removable Acoustic Walls
    Acoustic Site Fences
  • Drilling Rigs Noise Control
    Trailer Skirting
    Soundproofing Trailers
    Ventilation Silencers

Merlin Integrated Solutions, Inc. Established 2009.

Merlin Integrated Solutions, Inc. is a turn key provider of noise and vibration control solutions. Our number one priority is to provide our clients with detailed assessments, knowledgeable engineering, practical solutions, and cost effective project management.

We do it right and safe the first time.