Louisiana Pacific Sawmill

Louisiana Pacific Sawmill had a serious noise problem at their OSB production facility in Manitoba. Merlin designed enclosures to help reduce the noise being generated from saw equipment. In addition, one room was treated with absorption panels to help decrease noise reflection coming off of the surrounding metal walls. The goal was to drastically reduce the overall noise level in the facility to provide a safer work environment for the employees at the plant.

Tamarack Cooler Enclosure

Merlin designed and installed a noise enclosure on an Oil & Gas Compressor Facility in Alberta. A custom design was engineered to meet the noise reduction required while maintaining access to existing infrastructure. Merlin created the structural steel design, and completed the installation on site.

Pembina Cooler Skirting

Merlin designed and installed a noise limp mass barrier material on 4 of Pembina's compressor coolers. The retrofit helped reduce noise in the surrounding area and provide a safe work environment for nearby workers.

Lafarge Exshaw Louver Project

Merlin Integrated Solutions designed and installed louvers at the Lafarge Exshaw Plant. A custom design was created to help Lafarge meet their noise mitigation requirements. Merlin completed the install successfully and more importantly, safely.

Wetaskawin Sound Barrier

Merlin Integrated Solutions helped mitigate noise at a substation by designing a special barrier to prevent the hum from transformers. The barrier features removable panels in the event that equipment needs to be taken out in the future. Merlin Integrated also provided their installation services on this project.