Forma Fitness

Forma Fitness had issues with noise transmission coming from the adjacent unit. Merlin installed an isolated wall to help reduce the sound transmission into their space. The isolated wall features isomax clips that completely separate the wall from the rest of the building, allowing it to vibrate freely and reduce wall to wall sound transmission.

Harmony Meats

Harmony wanted to reduce the sound coming from their hydraulic pumps in their meat processing facility. Merlin designed and installed a noise enclosure to reduce the sound below Occupational Health and Safety limits (85dB). The blankets are installed on tracks to allow entry and easy maintenance inside the enclosure.

ITC Apartment Buildings

ITC wanted to mitigate the noise from equipment on the roof of their apartment buildings. In order to mitiage this noise, Merlin designed a barrier wall to reduce the sound transmission. Merlin also handled the install, completing it on time and safely!